hi, my names Eden, i'm 17, from israel, and i love shahar. (she definitely did not make me write this).
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8/9 - poland!
15/9 - back from poland
Love Is A Laserquest
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Do you still feel younger than you thought you would by now
Or, darling, have you started feeling old yet?
Don’t worry, I’m sure that you’re still breaking hearts
With the efficiency that only youth can harness

Why do we need feminism?



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Women are not objects! I am a 16 year old girl who feels the need to cover my body in public because of perverted assholes like this. I am completely disgusted by that video and the comments on it.


Hercules beating the Centaur Nessus (San Niccolo, Florence, Italy)
by António Alfarroba


My older cat got sick of my kitten trying to play with him so he pinned him down and licked him until he fell asleep

"One of the many things I love about Daenerys is she’s given me an opportunity to fly the flag for young girls and women, to be more than just somebody’s wife and somebody’s girlfriend."

5/50 pictures of Ezra Koenig +

jesse pinkman + tattoos


Kieren Walker from In The Flesh

for anamnesis_morbi


does anyone want to be my virtual sugardaddy and buy me things online for literally nothing in return???


i dont want a job i just want paychecks


t h e   R A V E N   C Y C L E   m e m e   →   2 romantic ships  —   1 / 2

Adam Parrish & Ronan Lynch.